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COLEAD fruit and vegetable equipment welcome to International customers again

Detailed introduction :

On October 29, 2014. COLEAD fruit and vegetable equipment welcome to Portugal customer site and they visited to exhibition hall and testing center, through and COLEAD fruit and vegetable equips engineers with the exchange, the successful signing of the cooperative order, for COLEAD fruit and vegetable equipment successfully occupied the international market has stepped into the solid one step.

 COLEAD fruit and vegetable equipment is established in 2006.We adhere to scientific and technological innovation for development to meet customers different demand as the goal, firmly grasp the development of the market, understand the development trend of the domestic and international fruit and vegetable processing market, size up the situation, timely adjustment of the strategy of development, and constantly increase the scientific and technological innovation investment. Company has sent engineering and technical personnel go to Germany, Finland, Belgium and other countries in Europe and America to learn advanced machinery manufacturing technology, understanding the fresh cut vegetables processing technology, and we  establish a cooperative relationship with Beijing Airlines Food Co., Ltd., COFCO, Shenyang Yurun Group, Shouguang vegetable production industry holding group, a number of fruit and vegetable processing enterprises.We also application for 60 patents leading vegetable equipment development in the domestic.

 Europe and the United States technology and Germany quality vegetable equipment has successfully attracted to international customers from all corners of the country, They came to COLEAD fruits and vegetables equipment, in-depth understanding of rooted in China's enterprises ,able to R & D and manufacturing can be comparable with Europe and the United States advanced vegetable processing equipment.They are surprised and shocked to describe COLEAD vegetable and fruit equipment.They completely subvert the traditional Chinese vegetable processing equipment simple and backward image and set a new milestone for China's vegetable equipment.

 In recent years, COLEAD fruit and vegetable equipment meet the customers from hundreds of countries and regions in Russia, the United States, Costa Rica, India, Saudi Arabia and other and international customers signing rate reached more than 80%.

 COLEAD fruit and vegetable equipment will have already developed to grow vegetables and equipment as a starting point, continuous innovation in the development of fruit and vegetable equipment in the future to become innovators in fruit and vegetable equipment and new technology.


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