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  • Vegetable centrifugal drying machine/vegetable spin dryer

Vegetable centrifugal drying machine/vegetable spin dryer


They are usingCOFCO and ShouGuang Vegetable Co.,ltd

Product introduction

Use frequency conversion centrifugal dewatering principle,finish draining of  vegetable surface moisture.Adopt  frequency conversion technology and optical sensing technology realize the draining time and draining speed ,turn on and off  controlled.Full open design,easy to install and take.Driving by frequency conversion adjusting speed three phase asynchronous motor, stable running, convenient for speed adjustment. Suitable for dewater leafy vegetables ,fruit and vegetable class material surface after cutting .The whole machine adopt SUS304 stainless steel sand blasting processing,except motor,electric equipment and other related component.

Product parameters

Name  Uint Parameter
External dimension mm 980x645x940
Voltage v 380v(220v-480v/customized)
Power KW 1.1kw
Capacity kg/h 500kg/h(In leaf vegetables taste standard terms)
The volume of basket l 50l

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