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From1991 to 2005    Entrepreneurial Stage

From entrepreneur in 1991,We have been engaged in the production of simple food machinery manufacturing and marketing and the model of product is a workshop.

From 2006 to 2011  Development Stage

In 2006,ShanDong Refine Food Machinery Co.,Ltd register and work on manufacturing and selling food machinery.

In 2010,We set up provincial “one company one technology”research center and vegetable and fruit equipment engineering laboratory in BinZhou city and become only one company with research institutions in China.We focus on food machinery research,manufacturing and selling.

In the same year,Quality and Technical Supervision Department approval and record A SET OF ENTERPRISE STANDARD ABOUT FRUIT WINNOWING,GRADING,WASHING AND DRYING.We become only one company with standard in the same industry.

In 2011,with the development of market,to refine market and improve the science innovation of our company,our company rename ShanDong Refine Fruit and Vegetable Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd and have the right to export.Our company focus on vegetable and fruit processing industry and use “Research+Manufacturing”model.We also apply for 11 patents.Many of the technology to fill the domestic blank.

From 2012 to 2013 Premature Stage

In 2012,to develop our company,our engineers we many times go to study from European countries Germany, USA, Switzerland ,Netherlands and other European country .After further refining the market and Planning for future development of enterprises,we decide that washing vegetable industry promote the development of vegetable and fruit equipment and invest more than one billion Yuan into this project.

In 2013,we release the third generation of washing vegetable equipment and applied for about 40 patents.Our company become the industry's leading enterprises with intellectual property rights and independent research and development capabilities.

Nowadays,our company have been applied for 67 patents and become the leader of Washing vegetable equipment in China.Our processing line use for cleaning vegetable transporting,central chicken,team meals,High efficiency agricultural development, large and medium-sized institutions and forces canteen, supermarket fresh cut vegetables, frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables and other fields.Our equipment occupy a leading position.in middle and high-end market of fresh vegetable processing equipment.

In the next few years,our company will be the quality difference, service difference and brand difference as the core, and further use of its own scale advantages, technological advantages and channel advantages to become the world class and fruit and vegetable equipment and service providers.

Future belongs to Colead and even belongs to every person cooperating with Colead.We are not developing only company but cleaning vegetable equipment and cleaning vegetable industry are developing.We are on the way to the future road to the pursuit of a dream,and also hope to have more enterprises to join the ranks of our development for Chinese vegetable equipment and fresh cutting vegetables industry to make contribution to the development .