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Bean sprout washing line


Horizontal mixed flow spiral water washing,impurity removing equipment can separate the skin automatically,the skin will flow with the water,and through vibrator to next processing.

Patent number:ZL 2014 2 0196203.8

Processing flow

Elevator-first mixed flow water washing-second mixed flow water washing-vibrator peeling

Technical analysis

Spiral mixed water flow washing,extend the washing path,enhance the washing effect;

Automatic impurity removing device,frequency variable contral ,can separate skin with bean sprout  atomatically.

Sedimentation tank tapered design,punched plate filter,the sand fall down at bottom ,draining valve 360 degrees rotate,suitable for different plant use;

Circulate water box with impurity removing device,remove the impurity automatically,water will be supply after circulating,control the valve by manual.

First washing section can equipped with ozone generator , Pesticide residue decomposition, effectively kill bacteria.

Second horizontal mixed flow water washing machine can equipped with chiller,can reduce the processing  temperature so that can keep long shelf life.

Punched plate draining convey,separate the water.

Apply to range

Suitable to green bean sprout,yellow bean sprout etc.