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Product learning seminar was successfully held

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This week, all the company's business people gathered at the factory to hold the  production seminar. The production seminar was held by our engineer supervisor Mr. Jerry.

Mr.Jerry introduced all our production line in detail and we discussed the needs and questions of customers at home and abroad with a very good answer.

Our standard line includes leafy vegetables processing line and root vegetable processing line, which contains complete cutting,cleaning and sterilization machines, can perfectly solve the customer's requirements for producing different vegetables.

In addition, we also learned other new production lines that are well developed and sold well, such as French fries production line, quick-freezing production line, baby carrot production line. Engineers gave us a good explanation. We will be more professional in the future when we serve our customers.

We are the largest manufacturer of fruits and vegetables processing equipment in China. Our company pays attention to technological innovation and quality. We have a team of professional engineers to develop solutions for each customer. We have been working hard on the road of pursuing quality and better service to our customers.

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