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Palm dates processing machine


1.Two Side plate is made of SUS 304 stainless steel plate which thickness is δ=3mm,Structure legs is made of 60×40×2mm stainless steel 304 rectangular pipe,Feeding hopper is 1000×800mm,Height of outlet part is 1300mm,effective width of belt is 600mm。

2、Engine power is 0.37KW、Voltage 380V,Frequency:50HZ。Active and passive wheel bearings  is adopt with a slider Bearings.


1.All machines is made of SUS 304 Stainless steel plate, total power 3.7KW.

 Vibrator engine:0.35X2=0.7KW

  Stainless steel centrifuge wind motor:1.5X2=3KW

2.The side plate adopt:thicknessδ=4mm,Round stick is adopt:Φ10mm round steel、Two sides steel plate of structure legs fixed plate thickness:δ=10mm。Middle holding plate,thickness:δ=4mm。Vibrator main structure is adopt:80X80X3mm rectangular, cross bars is made of 60X60X2 mm rectangular,equppied wind knife 4 pieces, one spray pipe.

selecting belt

1、Except metal part ,all made of SUS 304 stainless steel plate;

2.Engine motor one set ,power 0.75Kw;Height of inlet part is 1150mm、Out let 850mm;Thickness of side plate δ=3mm;Structure legs is  40X60X2mm;LED light;effective width of rubber belt is 930mm。

Date Oven

1.External size:8000X1500X2000(mm).

2.Power:Hot air motor 2 sets , 0.75kw for each set; Cold air motor 3 sets ,1.1kw for each set; variable frequency motor 1 set ,1.1kw;Heat resistance wire 2 piece ,3kw for each piece; Hydralic pump 1 set, 1.5kw. 

3:Inlet height:1130.mm.

4:Outlet height:800mm.

5:Adopt stainless steel net belt,with two side plate,pitch is 50.8mm, height of guarding plate is 55mm.