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  • salad horizontal mixed flow washing machine

salad horizontal mixed flow washing machine


They are usingCOFCO and ShouGuang Vegetable Co.,ltd

Product introduction

Unique patent horizontal mixed water flow vegetable washing technology,prolong washing length,won’t hurt material.Tapered bottom design,centralized storage and drain soil and sand.360 degree rotating draining valve,adapt to different working shops’ designing requirement.Several kinds vibrator sieve,changed according to material requirements,reduce production cost.Double filtering system:filtering tank,filtering water tank.Recycled water,save water.Optional device include staggered hedging water flow washing machine,bubble device,Fast disassemble rolling cage roguing device,fast disassembled drum type automatic circulating water filtration system,adapt to different material washing and filtering requirements.Adapt to wash leafy vegetables,root vegetables,melon and fruit and other material which can flow along with water after cutting.The whole machine adopt SUS304 stainless steel sand blasting processing,except motor,electric equipment and other related component.

Product parameters

Name Uint Parameter
External dimension mm 3000×1340×1465
External dimension mm 4000×1340×1465
External dimension mm 5000×1340×1465
Capacity kg/h 700-800Kg/H
Power Kw 3.8Kw
Voltage v 380V(220V-480V/customized)

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