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  • Vegetable and fruit pipe washing sterilization machine

Vegetable and fruit pipe washing sterilization machine


They are usingCOFCO and ShouGuang Vegetable Co.,ltd

Product introduction

Horizontal mixing water patented cleaning technology, with quick disassemble water automatic filtering device,fast disassembled rolling cage roguing device,filtering,effect is obvious.

The vegetable and fruit  is fully immersed in the coil, which can effectively extend the time for immersion cleaning vegetable and fruit.Multiple sets of superimposed rows of tubular design structure, the fruit and vegetable is fully immersed in the exhaust pipe, to ensure clean, soak time and bactericidal effect.Calandria modular design, easy for cleaning, maintenance and use.Optional sterilization function, the effect of pesticide residues decomposition is obvious.The whole machine adopt SUS304 stainless steel sand blasting processing,except motor,electric equipment and other related component.

Product parameters

Name  Uint Parameter
External dimension mm 9400X3420X2600
Power KW 4.9kw
Capacity kg/h 1500kg/h(Calculate according to potato)
Feeding height mm 1800
Outfeed height mm 1000

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